The Best Thing New Cell Phones


Of the smartphone industry continues to grow and bring new cell phones products. Even sometimes the products have a very special feature. Lots of new cellphone products have sprung up in order to win a competition in the business industry. Here are some of the latest mobile phones that are guaranteed to be able to steal the hearts of enthusiast’s smartphone. Just look at all the designs look amazing with a variety of functions and features that are increasingly intelligent because it is fully supported by a variety of industry sectors.

Apparently there are important things that encourage the advancement of new cell phones as follow:

Processor capabilities

The year 2012 can be called as the early stages of mobile presence with a four-core processor (quad-core). In 2013 it is not possible there are manufacturers that make phones with eight processor core (octo-core). The existence of such a good performance and has a power-saving system design widely capacity that make phone batteries with the capacity to keep longer than previous products.

The screen resolution is better and more flexible

Manufacturers of smart reading market share will design a more flexible screen. In addition to widely expand and improve the resolution of the screen until it reaches the level of high definition (HD), Screens that can be folded and rolled, Wearing a new technology like the little touches like getting experience like touch navigation on the screen. This technology is quite safe in avoiding fragile phone screen.

Photography phones and social media

Enterprise social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter increasingly focus on developing services for mobile devices.

Why? Of course, as more and more users are accessing social networks from mobile phones and tablets. This trend reinforces the trend of mobile devices mobile photography. Action to show off photos will satisfy your social networking timeline, ranging from photos of the food, scenery tourist area, close-up to your friend’s face with various expressions. Less complete it if the pictures were not exposed to the touch of editing wide service Instagram, Snapseed, and soon.

Some internet companies too talkative provide photo filter feature for mobile device applications. Call it the Twitter and Flickr, who has just given photo filter feature for applications on Android phones and the iPhone. Would be clever if the operating system BlackBerry 10? We will get the answer after Research in Motion (RIM) released on January 30, 2013.

Shortly after that, the BlackBerry 10 cell phones will be available in the market.
This Canadian company is busy building the application ecosystem for the BlackBerry 10. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has promised to provide a popular application for Blackberry 10. Some analysts predict, BlackBerry 10 charm cannot resist the superiority of the iPhone and Android in the smart phone industry. But wait, RIM has made major changes to the BlackBerry 10. This operating system is designed to be beautiful, smooth performance, and feature rich.

In addition to the BlackBerry 10, the smart phone industry is also enlivened by a Windows Phone 8 operating system from Microsoft. Besides Nokia and HTC, a manufacturer of smart phones has set up products that use Windows Phone 8. He appeared with a tempting selection of bright colorful casing. Thus some of the reviews about the best glimpse at the new cell phones market today.

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