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It’s common that android tablet screen is broken and sometimes only the screen that is broken. Actually screen is used to protect the LCD from any damage or impact. Here is the way how to repair android tablet screen but first it is necessary to prepare some tools like screw driver, knife, also hair dryer and screen to replace the broken screen. To repair and to open the tablet screen is required a carefulness because a little mistake or sudden movement can damage or broke the LCD.

How to Repair Android Tablet Screen

How to Repair Android Tablet Screen

Open the covers of rear case of the android tablet carefully use the screw driver if necessary. The next step is to remove the flexible wires or cables and there are three of them on the top of the battery. Remove the green sticky paper that used to protect the electricity cable then use the screwdriver to remove the screw from each flexible wire. Make sure to keep the tiny screw carefully use magnet if necessary. Then remove any wires carefully that connect into the main or the logic board of the tablet. After that remove the logic board away from the tablet. Now here is the main part of how to repair android tablet screen, use the hair dryer on the screen but don’t put it too close to the screen or the LCD will be broken. Heat it to the all surface of the screen to melt the glue so that the removing the screen will be easier. Then use the blade or the knife to remove or separate the screen from the LCD starting from the edge of the screen. Add more heat if there’s a still difficulty in separating the screen. Becareful not to jam to far because if you do, it will damage the LCD. After that, take the new screen and place it carefully and don’t push it too hard because to prevent the LCD damage. Then the repairing screen is done.

That’s how to repair android tablet screen. Finally take the logic board an put it on it’s place carefully and also connect all the cables that removed before to the logic board. Then connect all the three the flexible cable behind the battery and tighten the tiny screw with screwdriver. Don’t forget to put the green sticky paper on it’s place. Try to turn on the tablet to make sure everything’s works well. Then if it works, close the rear cover carefully.     


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